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Complete with a year-round strategy to ensure routine upkeep, we offer an approach which helps fight seasonal risks that threaten commercial properties. Whether you require landscaping maintenance, design or installation, you can count on the professionals at Superior Landscaping.

One Easy Solution For All Commercial Grounds Needs

From landscape design services to tree trimming, planting, bush pruning and trimming to fertilization, weed removal and overall landscaping needs, Superior handles all commercial landscape needs utilizing our professional team with over 30 years of design, installation and maintenance expertise.

The Importance of A Well Kept Exterior

The exterior of your facility, from the windows to the sidewalks to the grass, can tell visitors a lot about your business and its core values. Superior helps our clients using our vast experience, knowledge and network to help clients like you design a landscape that display a beautiful first impression. Before we begin work, our team identifies your property’s unique needs and natural attributes. This important first step makes it easier to optimize the health and aesthetics of a property in a cost-effective manner.

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Take Advantage of Our Custom Commercial Landscape Services

Trust a proven landscape design, development and maintenance company that has mastered how to make your property look excellent throughout the year!

Landscaping Services

Whether you require landscaping maintenance, design or installation, you can count on the professionals at Superior Landscaping. Explore our vast landscaping services by hovering over a service:

Weed Removal & Prevention

Weeds aren't just ugly, they can adversely affect the health of your entire landscape. They fight to take up space and absorb nutrients from the surrounding turf or other foliage. We not only provide service to identify and remove weeds, but also application or pre- and post-emergent herbicides.


Fertilizer works as a supplements nutrients to your property grass areas. We will integrate regular application to encourage thick, healthy turf that leaves little space for weeds and lowers stress during hotter, dryer months reducing the re-emergence of weeds.

Bush Pruning & Trimming

Lopping swaths of branches and leaves off with a hedge trimmers is no way to care for plants, our landscapers trim with the utmost care. Pruning is about cosmetics, a clean design and increasing the plant's overall health.

Tree Trimming

Trees need regular maintenance to remain healthy and keep their appearance uniform. More importantly overhanging branches may create hazards and may also present fire dangers.


Our experienced professionals will take into account your surroundings and will suggest the best species for the location, which increases the potential for longer life while maintaining your desired look.

Mulch Installation

One off the best ways to keep your planting beds beautiful is by installing mulch. The benefits include preventing soil erosion, conservation of water by retaining moisture, helping to keep weeds under control, and giving your planting beds a uniform look.

Debris Cleanup & Removal

Debris like leaves and tree limbs can make your grounds look messy and neglected. Our debris removal services clears branches, leaves, and other material from your turf, parking lot, mulch beds and walkways. Cleaning up debris maintains a positive image of the exterior of your property.Wherever your property needs attention, we will ensure it looks its best.

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