Keep Your Facility & Lots Attractive With Our Top-Notch Lot Maintenance

A great parking lot sweeping service should include more than just a quick sweep and brush off. Our parking lot sweeping services and commercial sweeping will have your facility looking terrific.

Sweeping At All Hours To Achieve Polished Commercial Grounds!

During the day your shopping center or office complex is full with customers shopping, eating, or employees cars. Needless to say if the parking lot is full then there is no way to clean under those cars. Night sweeping is the most efficient way to get your whole parking lot cleaned of litter, gravel and debris. Let our parking lot sweeping experts keep you informed by inspecting and reporting on the:

  • Current condition of parking surfaces, including the need for resurfacing or re-sealing, formation of cracks, potholes, weakened areas, or other problems
  • Condition of posts, bumpers, speed bumps, drains, channels, gutters, barriers, etc.
  • Deterioration of parking stripes, markers, numbers and the need to repaint or restripe
  • Damage of signs and need to repair them
  • Graffiti and vandalism

Plans To Fit Every Need

We offer lot sweeping that can be scheduled for one-time, daily, weekly and monthly maintenance programs, depending on our customers’ need.

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Our Commercial Lot Sweeping Is Perfect For All Properties

Trust a proven lot sweeping maintenance company to ensure your parking lots look incredible!

Commercial Lot Sweeping Services

Throughout New York and New Jersey, we offer parking lot sweeping as well as other property maintenance services. Regardless of the size of your lot, we can work with you to put together the best maintenance plan that works for you and your budget. Whether your lot draws a lot of foot traffic or is off the beaten path, our trucks are equipped with everything we might need to keep your building looking great. And, we can work within your schedule.

Free Quote On New York & New Jersey Lot Sweeping & Maintenance

Our trained sweeping professionals not only sweep, but also cleanup of all types of debris, rubble, trash, discarded items, as well as light spot cleaning of fluid spills and stains. Contact Superior Landscaping Inc. today by calling (609) 689-9855 or complete the form below to get in touch with our expert lot sweeping team.